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“Can I have another cookie please?”

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Yep, again. The recipe this time was huge. 75 cookies! So yeah, I kinda need to give them away. They’re really nice though! Cookies, anyone?

Oh, and I realised something today.


Everyday! Goodness me.

Had to go shopping with Mum for household appliances for the new house today. And I found electric mixers that are cheaper than the one I bought that day, BUT EQUALLY GOOD.

I rock, seriously.

Sigh. Anyway, went to watch NJ’s Choir Concert at VCH today. To support my dear animated friend Miss Claudia Leung Ka Yu. Whose hair is still adorable as ever. Haha well done my dear girl! Enjoy the cookies!

I’m watching Ocean’s Eleven now. Brad Pitt! George Clooney! I’m melting in front of the TV man, ahaha.

Okie dokes, enough nonsense for the day. Study hard, guys! Learn from me!


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May 31, 2007 at 11:30 pm

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The Showdown

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Gavan Leong doesn’t wanna concede defeat. Yay I won I won!

25-26! Can you believe it! LOL okay we’re obviously damn damn damn bored. But hey, Minesweeper Flags is honestly quite fun. And it requires you to think!

It was super nerve-wrecking lah. We both needed that One Last Flag to win so it was like “O.o Where is it!” Actually more like “O.O WHERE IS IT!?!?”

Haha. So much for mugging!

At the rate I’m going with my revision, I’ll be done when you all get your A Level certificates back next year.

Way to go, Pam!

Oh and I had a bit of red wine just now ‘cos Dad opened a bottle and insisted I learn to appreciate wine. Maybe that’s why I took soooo long to find That Last Flag. Alcohol impairs your five senses, no?

Eh wait, there’s alcohol in red wine right?

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May 31, 2007 at 12:02 am

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Good golly!

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It’s not exactly a school night, but well, I kinda just got home!

Sounds suspicious eh? LOL far from it actually.

Was out with my grandparents and my uncle and aunt ‘cos we went to Victoria Concert Hall to watch my cousin’s String Ensemble performance. My grandma’s hilarious man. She was imitating the conductor’s vigorous movements and telling me that one of the performers looks like he’s having withdrawal symptoms from Kopi-O (when I think he was just trying to inject some emotions into the playing the cello), I was laughing so hard it was embarrassing! But yeah, they played really really well! Congrats Gloria 🙂

We went for Teochew Porridge after the concert. So yeah, I HAD SUPPER. How utterly sinful is that! Feel so bloated right now. Bleah!

In the car on the way back, I realised no one called from home to check up on me. Normally by 10.30 my mum would bombard my phone with 129382137 missed calls to find out where on earth I am and why I’m not back yet. So yeah, I was telling my grandma no one wants me anymore! LOL but she insisted it’s ‘cos they know I’m out with her. Then she started suggesting ways in which I could try and scare my mum one day. Goodness me I never knew my grandma was so full of nonsense. In a good way, of course. Now I know why my cousins and I are all a tad looney/loony (however it’s spelt).

Okie dokes I shall walk around the house now. Way too full from all that porridge!

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May 29, 2007 at 11:51 pm

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The I’m-Dead-Bored Syndrome: Top 10 Symptoms

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1. You watch TV serials that you don’t normally follow.
I watched Ugly Betty today.

2. You eat a Kit Kat Drumstick even though you’re so full you’re gonna burst.

3. You suddenly decide to put an age-old photograph as your MSN display picture.
The photo I took with Tan Su Wan on the US Econs Trip almost exactly a year ago is my DP now!

4. You suddenly decide to go from Pictures in your computer to Music and then listen to songs you haven’t heard in a while.
I’m listening to Hillsong now. Songs from this CD I got 2938291493864 years ago.

5. You explore the Games next, and play Purble Place. (People who use Vista go check it out, though you’ll probably just die in a fit of laughter.)

6. Better still, you ask your classmate to play Minesweeper Flags with you on MSN!
Gavan’s trying to get revenge while I’m typing this. And he’s doing a pretty good job. Dang!

7. You make a list of the 10 most obvious signs of boredom.

8. And halfway through it, you give up!


He just beat me. So we’re quits now.

ANYWAY, I should probably go to bed.

But, before I prance off, let’s have a recount of what happened today!

Church in the morning. Today’s songs were nice and happy 😀

After that my mum, brother and I headed to J8 to get… a new mixer!

The price we paid for it shall not be disclosed here. I’ll have a second cardiac arrest just thinking about it. The encounter we had was hilarious though. I was looking around and then this lady came up to me. Mind you she’s not even a promoter! It went something like this.

Lady: Ger (as in Girl) ah, you looking for mixer?
Me: Um, yeah.
Lady: Buy this one. Kenwood. Damn solid one!
Me: But it’s so expensive!
Lady: I tell you ah, I make cake 20 years already. Never spoil one. All my friend say very nice.
Mum: Aiyah, buy lah buy lah.


Yup, that’s that. After that I met Zhi Xu before we headed home. For an exciting recount on how the baking went, go to aka Tan Zhi Xu’s blog. She blew my supposedly-pro-baker cover on the World Wide Web! Now everyone knows what really goes on behind the scenes. Ah well!

Spending the entire afternoon in the kitchen’s awfully tiring! I should become a housewife man. It’s a good way to lose weight! Then again, shopping’s a good way too. So maybe I should just marry someone rich and be a tai-tai.

Terrible me. Such horrid thoughts.

Everyone came at about 6.30 after Vernus led them to the wrong place. Haha but at least they found it! We gave Wei Wei Lao Shi a mini surprise which she didn’t even realise was supposed to be a surprise so yeah, guess the surprise wasn’t a surprise after all.

There was SO MUCH food. I hope the food was good though! We sat around with the usual gossips and scandals, and then Lao Shi decided to share her love story! Which was hilarious and really sweet at the same time. Aawww.

And then, right after they all left, I GOT BORED. So yeah, here I am now.

Gavan says I haven’t tagged his blog in eons. So off I go. That shall be the 9th thing on the abovementioned list:

9. You tag on your Hao Jie Mei’s blog after 10298374 years of not doing so!

I still can’t think of a number 10.

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May 28, 2007 at 12:58 am

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Happy 18th Birthday Lee Suat Ying!

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LOL this picture’s quite funny I must say. It’s another classic Suat look, plus the 3 guys look insane as ever.

ANYWAY, Happy Birthday my dear girl! Thanks for being my looks-so-angelic-but-actually-knows-all-the-gossips friend, my won’t-stop-at-just-one-brief-explanation-must-make-sure-I-fully-understand tutor, my sister in Christ and my source of inspiration! You’re a strong girl, Suat. That’s exactly what’s gonna take you really really far in everything you do 🙂 So keep on growing and shining, and hang in there! Like I always say, One Year Older, One Year Wiser! (Though if you really do get wiser with every birthday, I’m afraid one day your head’s not gonna be able to contain all that wisdom – considering someone’s already such a genius!) The little surprise on Friday wasn’t much, I’m sorry! And the cake wasn’t supposed to be chocolate but there was a bit of a miscommunication on our part. And yes, I still owe you a present! The 3 of us need to go out sometime soon ‘cos there’s much you need to tell us I think!
(Makes the Pam ‘Hehe’ face)

Ah well, yesterday was pretty exciting! After school I chiong-ed down to Cineleisure Orchard to watch Blades of Glory with Yuanbing Shuwei and Tin Wai. It’s really the “LOL” and “smack your chair” kind of show. Horribly (though a little bit crude) funny! After that I chiong-ed home to bathe and change and then chiong-ed out to meet them at Bugis so we could go catch AC’s Dance Night at NAFA. The production was really really really good! The dancers had so much energy and they really looked like they were enjoying every bit of it so yeah, I think the audience enjoyed it too!

Hung around Orchard for a bit after that before heading home. And went straight to bed after I got back ‘cos I think the chiong-ing was pretty tiring.

This morning was Pirates of the Caribbean with Estee Sixiu and Yuanbing, and my siblings and cousins. My mum got free tickets from some bank and my sister’s out at camp so we had to find a way to make sure all 8 tickets didn’t go to waste. But guess what?

I actually almost dozed off midway through.


Who on earth falls asleep watching a movie like Pirates?!

Besides Estee Loi, of course. (She actually beat me by sleeping for half an hour in there, haha!)

It’s either I was really too tired, or Pirates just ain’t my cup of tea. Although I have to admit I was quite taken away by Depp and Bloom’s dashing looks so that was an incentive for me to keep my eyes open, LOL. (Goodness me, I sound like a typical bimbo!) But hey man, I think you’ll agree too!

The movie’s really really long though. We shopped a bit in town after that before heading home with the intended purpose of mugging. But well, let’s just say I had too much popcorn so I decided that I should go work it off in the gym first. Haha and by the time I was done it was time to go to Gran’s!

So yeah, that summarises it.

Tomorrow’s Wei Wei Lao Shi’s farewell dinner. They’re all coming to Pam’s Humble Abode! LOL and Tan Zhi Xu’s gonna have the honour of spending the afternoon in the kitchen with me learning how to make cookies -.- We’ll probably need to do a bit of cooking as well considering there doesn’t seem to be anyone else cooking! Other than Ivy’s salad.

Okie dokes, better be off now!

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May 26, 2007 at 11:46 am

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Play Day!

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The awful GP Common Test was this morning. Uh, shall refrain from commenting on that.

After that it felt like exams were completely over. When in fact we still have 4 more major papers after the holidays! Not to mention Prelims and A Levels too. BAGUS!

Anyway, we decided to give ourselves a treat so our class had a little outing right after the paper. Actually it was just the girls. (Not like the guys are any different from the girls, haha.) So yeah, we had lunch and then headed to SICC for Karaoke! A pretty amusing experience I must say. But I think we all had fun! Not to forget we packed ourselves into a chocolate delivery van when we left so we wouldn’t have to walk out ourselves.

A Day in the Life of a Chocolate!

Okay not funny. Anyway after that was the much anticipated Rugby Finals. Exciting stuff! Though the entire time I had no idea how the points were being counted, had to keep asking around but our classmates were all just about as clueless. It was a really really close fight though! And our dear Kaye Lee, well let’s just say we both need a little more Rafflesian spirit. LOL I’m surprised she didn’t get clobbered!

Took the bus chartered for us back to school after the match and then headed off to buy ingredients so I could bake! I’ve no idea why I’ve been having awfully strong ‘cravings’ to bake even though I’ve been sleeping so little. Ah well.

Banana Nut Cake! I think it’s quite a success. Shall see what people say after trying it tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be a good response!

Oh but guess what happened while I was baking? My electric mixer BROKE!

Okay not the mixer itself. But the whisk (is that what it’s called?) sort of dismantled itself cos my spoon got caught in the machine!

It’s a sign, I just know it. God thinks I should stop being obsessing over baking and START STUDYING!


Probably gonna go down to the National Stadium for the Soccer Finals tomorrow. I’m surprised I actually bother to go for match support in the first place! But ah well, we’re in our last year after all. A little school spirit wouldn’t hurt right? Haha.

Okie dokes time to get down to work now. Ta!

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May 23, 2007 at 11:03 pm

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Retail therapy!

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I ought to be shot down like one of the crows in the HDB carpark.

Okay. That sounded highly random.

But well, I WENT SHOPPING! When the Chem Lecture Test is in 2 days and the GP Common Test is in 3 DAYS! Now you know why I ought to be shot. Plus I think I sound like one of those crows anyway. Gavan Leong can testify! (And he’s gonna be so happy his name has appeared here -.-)

Okay enough digressing. Where was I? OH. Retail therapy! Heh went shopping with Shuwei at Vivo City today. Xiu came a while later to settle urgent matters 🙂 Point is, there were so many nice stuff! Funny how the nice stuff always appear at the wrong time. KAYE LEE if you ever see this we’re so going shopping like SOON!

We had a goal in mind. But girls being girls, of course there were distractions along the way. At one point it went something like this.

Shuwei: Eh let’s go check out Adidas. Settle it once and for all.
Pam: Okay set.
(Pam spots Forever 21 opposite Adidas)
Pam: OMG Forever 21!
Shuwei: OMG I love Forever 21!
(Both turn and head for Forever 21 instead of walking into Adidas)


BUT, we settled what we needed to settle! And I think we made an awesome choice 🙂

Oh and I met Lim Sue Lynn in Esprit. That girl said she thought I was some AUNTY. Thanks Sue, I love you really. But yeah, at least I know I wasn’t the only one out gallivanting when I should instead be mugging my guts out.

Okay I should probably get back to work now. There’s gonna be a tutorial on Periodicity tomorrow and good golly, I’m still at Electrochemistry!

See? Told you I ought to be shot.


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May 20, 2007 at 11:31 pm

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Happy Birthday Poh Choo!

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I hope you get to see this!

In any case, you know we all love you! Hope you’ve been eating well and taking good care of yourself yeah? (Tapioca Porridge’s not nutritious enough, please eat more!) Yang Sixiu must have been keeping you updated about our sad, unexciting (with the exception of our 3 friends) lives in Singapore. When’s your turn to ahem ahem? Must tell us first thing when the prophecy is fulfilled! So the 4 remaining ones who have been leaped will resign to our sad fates. Haha okay I’m like speaking in code, only my G8 friends will get what’s going on.

Oh well, point is: LOVE YOU XING ZHI! Can’t wait for you to be back! Have a splendid 18th birthday, it’s a once in a lifetime thing and although we can’t be there with you, we love you all the same 🙂

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May 20, 2007 at 1:29 am

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Okie dokes.

Photos taken on both Friday and Saturday are up right HERE!

I used a different camera this time so some of the shots taken at night were awfully blur.

Ah well, enjoy!

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May 17, 2007 at 5:58 pm

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One last dance.

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I can’t believe it’s actually over.

A little less than 1 and a half years together (goodness me, I actually sound like I just broke up with someone LOL) gone by just like that. I never really imagined this day would come. Instead of Mondays to Saturdays at the dance studio/windy benches, it’s gonna be Mondays to Fridays in the school library mugging my guts out.

No more baking muffins on Friday nights and bringing them for trainings in my hat-lookalike basket from Bali on Saturday mornings and then threatening to fine whoever came late though we never really got down to doing it.

No more laughing at each other’s hilarious antics – Vernus and her “5, 6, 7, 8 and POSE!”, Xin Ying’s “Da da da da DA!”, Esther’s -.- jokes, Susie’s special sports apparel (mwahaha), Ivy’s shy smile everytime we mention the magic name (hehe), Zhi Xu’s poor attempt at being cool and hip, Su Wan’s obssession with anything pink, the attempts to form sentences with Jerrine’s, Cher’s and my surname, CG’s lack of bones and so so SO many more – and of course, the endless teasing and sneaking around the window during practices just to hype us all up.

I’m gonna miss you guys so much!

Dance Night ’07 was such a blast. Every bit of it – from logistics aka. Sai Gang to going out there and smiling like we’re the happiest people on the planet – rocked! Thanks guys, for the support that kept us all going for the past few months of almost-everyday practices – it wouldn’t have been half as wonderful without you guys!

There’s just so much to say, but I really need to get some rest or I won’t be able to wake up tomorrow at all.

So yeah, I’ll continue soon!

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May 14, 2007 at 12:40 am

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