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The I’m-Dead-Bored Syndrome: Top 10 Symptoms

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1. You watch TV serials that you don’t normally follow.
I watched Ugly Betty today.

2. You eat a Kit Kat Drumstick even though you’re so full you’re gonna burst.

3. You suddenly decide to put an age-old photograph as your MSN display picture.
The photo I took with Tan Su Wan on the US Econs Trip almost exactly a year ago is my DP now!

4. You suddenly decide to go from Pictures in your computer to Music and then listen to songs you haven’t heard in a while.
I’m listening to Hillsong now. Songs from this CD I got 2938291493864 years ago.

5. You explore the Games next, and play Purble Place. (People who use Vista go check it out, though you’ll probably just die in a fit of laughter.)

6. Better still, you ask your classmate to play Minesweeper Flags with you on MSN!
Gavan’s trying to get revenge while I’m typing this. And he’s doing a pretty good job. Dang!

7. You make a list of the 10 most obvious signs of boredom.

8. And halfway through it, you give up!


He just beat me. So we’re quits now.

ANYWAY, I should probably go to bed.

But, before I prance off, let’s have a recount of what happened today!

Church in the morning. Today’s songs were nice and happy 😀

After that my mum, brother and I headed to J8 to get… a new mixer!

The price we paid for it shall not be disclosed here. I’ll have a second cardiac arrest just thinking about it. The encounter we had was hilarious though. I was looking around and then this lady came up to me. Mind you she’s not even a promoter! It went something like this.

Lady: Ger (as in Girl) ah, you looking for mixer?
Me: Um, yeah.
Lady: Buy this one. Kenwood. Damn solid one!
Me: But it’s so expensive!
Lady: I tell you ah, I make cake 20 years already. Never spoil one. All my friend say very nice.
Mum: Aiyah, buy lah buy lah.


Yup, that’s that. After that I met Zhi Xu before we headed home. For an exciting recount on how the baking went, go to aka Tan Zhi Xu’s blog. She blew my supposedly-pro-baker cover on the World Wide Web! Now everyone knows what really goes on behind the scenes. Ah well!

Spending the entire afternoon in the kitchen’s awfully tiring! I should become a housewife man. It’s a good way to lose weight! Then again, shopping’s a good way too. So maybe I should just marry someone rich and be a tai-tai.

Terrible me. Such horrid thoughts.

Everyone came at about 6.30 after Vernus led them to the wrong place. Haha but at least they found it! We gave Wei Wei Lao Shi a mini surprise which she didn’t even realise was supposed to be a surprise so yeah, guess the surprise wasn’t a surprise after all.

There was SO MUCH food. I hope the food was good though! We sat around with the usual gossips and scandals, and then Lao Shi decided to share her love story! Which was hilarious and really sweet at the same time. Aawww.

And then, right after they all left, I GOT BORED. So yeah, here I am now.

Gavan says I haven’t tagged his blog in eons. So off I go. That shall be the 9th thing on the abovementioned list:

9. You tag on your Hao Jie Mei’s blog after 10298374 years of not doing so!

I still can’t think of a number 10.

Written by Pamela

May 28, 2007 at 12:58 am

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    May 28, 2007 at 11:38 am

  2. hellloooo pammiii! (: we totally need another chillout session soon man! like with good coffee and good ambience! haha guess wad i saw ur mum in towm tdy when i was with my 4p classmates! yup coincidental.. have a good hols dear!

    AH HAN

    May 28, 2007 at 10:35 pm



    May 29, 2007 at 8:04 pm

  4. 10.think of a way to finish a list


    April 17, 2010 at 11:51 am

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