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New home!

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Yay I’ve FINALLY moved. After 2 years of waiting forever.

Feels odd though. I’m quite used to waking up in a new bed but it still feels odd when we don’t go home the usual way. The house is still a little messy. Haven’t finished Phase 2 of Decoration.

Went back to my old house on Saturday and well, considering I spent most of my childhood there it still feels like home! Despite the huge mess and sudden emptiness.

But oh well, change is good too I suppose. The whole opening the gate with that remote thingy and having to make sure the alarm is switched on before going to bed still feels kinda foreign.

So yeah, I’ve pretty much been bumming around, packing and unpacking, and SHOPPING for the past few days. For furniture that is. IKEA rocks! It’s so huge and there’s just so much to look at.

I’ve to start getting used to the whole having people in my house feeling soon. Everyday’s been like an Open House since we moved in. My parents colleagues, family friends and relatives have been coming in and out. Today while studying I had to open the gate at least 12 times, so yeah you can do the math.

Alright then, this is a pretty random and boring post. Just thought I should revive this place before cobwebs start forming.

I need a holiday.

Now that was pretty random, ahaha.

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July 30, 2007 at 7:29 pm

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Heh there’s our J2 farewell later at Maria’s house. I can’t believe time flies so fast! I still remember our attempt to surprise the J3s during their farewell last year. Obviously it didn’t quite work out, haha.

Oh well, anyway I decided to whip up a little something for my dear fellow dancers. It’s been a while since I last baked for them. So yeah, found this basic muffin recipe on the web and decided to add a little fun to it. Here’s what I got!


The tray looks a little greasy and the lighting’s kinda weird. But oh well.


Muffins swirled with melted chocolate! I think I was a little too stingy with the chocolate though. So I’m gonna flood it the next time round.

I think I’ll make Peanut Butter Kisses again later!

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July 21, 2007 at 12:44 pm

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I just received adorable pictures of my adorable cousin (taken during her 2 week stay in Singapore). She’s now back in Arizona though. Take a look!


Ain’t she just adorable! Her brother William’s really funny too. Here’s one we took at Sentosa before going on the Luge.


Aww. I miss them already!

Anyway today’s mugging session with my dear friend Kaye Lee was quite productive, despite the stinking coffee beans. We spent quite some time laughing and laughing uncontrollably though.

Conclusion of the day? Kaye the SmS.

Quote of the day? “Ess-cuse me.”

Heh insider jokes!

Okay we were clearly bored.

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July 11, 2007 at 10:57 pm

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Feast your eyes, girls!

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Holy Moly. I almost fainted when I saw this poster on Sunday at this fragrance shop in Central (Clarke Quay) and I was this close to breaking the glass and stealing it. Doesn’t he look good!

Okay I should stop gushing. LOL but before I do, here’s another one!


Sigh. Anyway I had a really eventful weekend! Friday was stay-at-home-and-be-a-couch-potato day ‘cos I borrowed DVDs from the school library. Bee Season was so chim I had no clue what was going on, even though the synopsis made it sound so simple. Maybe it’s just me, haha. Um on Saturday I think I woke up at 12.30 even though I slept at 12 the night before. And then it was just more slacking until I suddenly had the urge to bake. So I decided to make cookies that turned out pretty well!

Sunday was learn-to-appreciate-art day. My mum and I went to pick out paintings for the new house at Raffles City. And oh boy, until then I never knew how much potential I have as an artist.

Hahaha. Yeah, right. Every painting that the curator said had so much meaning in it looked the same to me! I should just stick to looking at pictures of cookies. Or of Gruffudd, heh.

After that was dinner with my dear SEPs ‘cos Sara Bay’s back in Sunny Singapore. As always, dinner was delightful even though we went to the wrong restaurant. Laughs, updates and just plain nonsense. I love my friends!

Today was back-to-reality day. I did tremendously well for all my subjects, really. There’s no reason for me to worry about Prelims. Easy Peasy!

Hoho. Enough sarcasm for the day. Dinner after mugging with Kaye was THE HIGHLIGHT. Everyone starve for a week (or not) and go have dinner at Corduroy & Finch! It’s OH-SO-GOOD. The desserts were TO DIE FOR. Every bite was HEAVEN! Okay obviously food journalism’s not one of my job prospects. But hey, I’m pretty picky with food so yeah, you’ve got to believe me! 

Alright then, I’m off to Slumberland. Night world!

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July 9, 2007 at 11:08 pm

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I’m a happy, happy girl!

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I’m like prancing around on Cloud Nine now.


I made cookies again! And this time they’re like, absolutely delectable. Melts in your mouth!


Peanut Butter Cookies with Hershey’s Kisses in the centre. Sounds pretty good huh?

I used brown sugar instead of white sugar to coat the cookies so they taste and look better. I think I’ll try another batch with dark instead of milk chocolate Kisses and see how that goes.

Whee I love baking! This weekend’s like some Slack Like There’s No A Levels weekend. Terrible, terrible. But oh well, Kaye agreed that we should find some place to study after school from next week onwards! So I’m thinking a little relaxing this week shouldn’t do that much harm.

I’m only saying all this ‘cos most of our results aren’t out yet. When we do finally get our papers back I’ll probably be chiding myself. Oh well.

Shall go find something else to do now.

I smell crab.

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July 7, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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I wanna be Nigella Lawson’s kid!

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Holy Moly.

I should totally be studying or doing my work. But instead I’m looking around for nice recipes on even though I’m well aware that there won’t be time to bake!

I can’t help it though! Was watching TV just now (it’s like suddenly become an everyday thing o.O) and Nigella Feasts came on. I armed myself with a pencil and paper and frantically copied every word she said while she was preparing a Honey Bee Cake that looked absolutely delightful!

I wanna be her kid.

Okay no, I’d be twice my size. And I’m already bad enough as it is.

But for food like that? Who cares man!

Ah well, I shall attempt to get back on track with my work now. Enough obsessing over Nigella Lawson.

Oh my gahd, I still wanna be her kid!

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July 4, 2007 at 11:34 pm

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