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Unofficial Hiatus from Blogging/MSN

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Basically anything that has to do with my almost-disintegrated keyboard.

LOL okay plastic or whatever this keyboard’s made of is probably not biodegradable (this just goes to show I haven’t been studying, which in turn explains why I’m embarking on the hiatus in the first place) so I’m just rattling and no one should even bother reading this. To those who actually still bother checking up on whether I’m still breathing, Congratulations on making it to the end of a paragraph of 100% Authentic Cannot-Get-Any-Worse Nonsense.

Sigh, sometimes I think I ramble and ought to learn to just keep quiet.


Okay, point is: I’m embarking on an Unofficial Hiatus from the Internet! Why unofficial instead of official? ‘Cos we’re living in a globalised, interconnected world and I still need to check my email (notice how the two fragments of this sentence have no link at all, once again explaining the hiatus). Uh yeah, lost my chain of thought. But basically there’s not gonna be a word from Pamela Maria Loo until the #@%^%$& Prelims are over. Then I’ll decide (if I survive Prelims, that is) again whether or not to continue on my hiatus.

Anyway I haven’t touched this keyboard in like, more than a week. And I’ve been surviving! So there’s really no point in waiting for my computer to start up and then tempting myself with all the nonsense (read: NON-sense) I’m capable of doing online.

Alrightey, that shall be enough. I’m aiming for the Guinness Record of the Dustiest Keyboard.

“Shouldn’t you be aiming to pass Prelims?”

Oh yeah, that too.

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August 19, 2007 at 11:34 pm

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