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On the Verge of a Breakdown? Try RETAIL THERAPY!

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It works.

And I mean every word of it! You should have seen the looks on our faces after we went shopping today. Kaye and I were grinning from ear to ear and laughing at the slightest thing.

Oh, the joy.

Anyway, it seems I survived The Dreadful Exams after all. I’m only saying this because our results aren’t out yet, and shopping makes me happy!

So today was Chem. No comments about that. What happened after is way more worth commenting.

We watched…


Imagine sharing Tiramisu with the love of your life in the warmth of a dimly lit fireplace.

The prospect of me ever pulling myself out of singlehood just got delayed another 10 years. Hoho!

Aaron Eckhart’s character’s SO CHARMING. And he cooks. HE COOKS! And he’s hilariously funny. And so so so sweet.

I’m so gonna die an old hag. Where on earth (literally) do you find guys like that!

Anyway that wasn’t the only reason why the show’s officially my new favourite movie. Catherine Zeta-Jones is oh-so-pretty, and Abigail Breslin’s one heck of an actress!

AND, the best part? THE DESSERTS. The way they dressed all the food so prettily. I was SO HUNGRY! (Then again, pretty food’s too pretty to be eaten!)

So that was about it. Retail therapy followed immediately after, and made us the happiest people in the world! We hopped from shop to shop and practically lost track of time. And then Kaye had to go so I stayed on for a bit before going off to meet Mum and my sister.

Tomorrow another round begins. I’m gonna have to work for it though! Mum wants me to help my younger brother with Math. And then she’ll go shop with me!

I’m gonna go to bed smiling like an idiot tonight 🙂

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September 21, 2007 at 11:54 pm

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Punk’d Marathon

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Hoho, I can hear crickets here.

Anyway, Manda’s comment made it impossible for me not to come here.




I love my friends.

The crew of Punk’d should revive the show and get my dear friends to host it instead. I can’t believe I got punk’d!

Okay, you’re probably clueless so this is how today went! (And snippets of yesterday too.)

So it started on Friday, Shuwei called (while she was with every one of them) to ask if I’d be free on Sunday for dinner. But my cousins were coming over so I said a quick one will do. She said they all have something to do today so we had to make to with Sunday instead. (Must admit I was a little sad, sob sob)

Haha but yeah, there was pretty much no action over the weekend until Miss He Shuwei suddenly remembered to call and remind me to meet them! (Which made it so obvious that something was up, I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T SEE IT COMING.)

So we did meet for dinner. And this was PUNK’D #001:

I went to Miss Clarity Cafe and no one was in sight. So I called Shuwei and she made me think I went to the wrong restaurant. Did I fall for it?

OMG Pam, so much for turning 18. They say your brain degenerates as you get older. I can probably live to tell the tale.

Anyway they appeared with a nice cake (and tried to make me think they baked it, but that was a little far-fetched so I could tell, hahaha) and sang Happy Birthday. Then we had dinner! And then off to Thomson Plaza. (You’ll see why later.)

Uh, I said I need to be home by 9. And then mysteriously I got a call from my mum saying I need to be home earlier ‘cos my cousins are all there.

So I did leave, after spending less than 2 hours with my dear friends. (And that was supposed to be the end of my 18th birthday.) Come to think of it, I should have cried my way home.

But no, I’m not that emo. So yeah, PUNK’D #002:

I sent a message to every single one of them to say thanks for dinner and the Surprise.


Anyway Shuwei sent a message slightly after midnight asking me to call her ‘cos something was wrong with her phone and she couldn’t call me. (Sometimes I seriously wonder if the size of your head is inversely proportional to that of your brain, if you get what I mean.) So I called, and after talking for a while, I heard a voice.





I have no idea why! But yeah, maybe I was emo after all. But come on, Xing Zhi’s in Perth! How often do we get to talk to her!

(Thanks so much Poh Choo for playing along even though you had studying to do!)

I was really really touched. Turns out there were 4 others in the conversation. So it was a surprise conference call!

We decided to meet outside to study today. And I was supposed to wake Shuwei and Yuanbing up. Alright.

I went to bed still feeling warm and fuzzy, hahaha. Not at all expecting what was to come next!

PUNK’D #003:

I opened my eyes this morning. (Must have been your laughter Shuwei)



OMG, early in the morning! Not like I’m normally not unglam enough!

Six familiar faces around my bed, singing Happy Birthday while laughing their hearts out.


That wasn’t all. They said we’re going to Prata House for breakfast so I had to get changed. And so I did. And they led me downstairs. (Later I realised I shouldn’t have been walking in front ‘cos Yang Sixiu was gonna be filming everything that was to come.)

PUNK’D #004:

I was happily going down the stairs and heading for the kitchen. And then,


Followed by something pink.




Holy Moly, they prepared breakfast!

My friends! Who don’t cook! (Especially Estee Loi and Yang Sixiu. And mei you ma ma de hai zi He Shuwei.)

Debbie made the same agar-agar she made for me like, 6 years ago? At 11 last night!

Yuanbing took the first bus out to The Early Bird’s house.

And Lana wanted to skip her GP paper to come surprise me!

You guys rock, seriously!

So yeah, we had a wonderful breakfast at the patio, Mastermind, TV and then the sleepiness set in. After rounds and rounds of non-stop eating, that is.

Turns out they got my mum to call and ask me to leave earlier ‘cos they needed to go get groceries from NTUC, hahaha. I still can’t believe I’m so gullible.

That sums it up, I hope Sixiu didn’t put the video up ‘cos it’s like, “Eyebags x 10000” in Estee’s terms.

Thanks everyone, for the well wishes and love and blessings!

Today made me smile from ear to ear, in all honesty. Thank you so so SO much guys!

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September 3, 2007 at 11:57 am

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