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Can’t think of a title.

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It’s past midnight and I have work tomorrow. But still I’m up BLOGGING. Like it’s even necessary. Nothing I’m gonna say here is gonna be of utmost importance so if you’re looking for something interesting to read, the links are on the right hand side of this page!

Spent almost the entire weekend in church. Feels odd, come to think of it. Never been this involved! But anyway we’ve been having an empowerment workshop on Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body, brought down to our level. It answered a lot of questions about why the Church takes such a stand on life, love, sex and marriage that I myself never really bothered to think about. Very meaningful and enlightening, I must say!

Oh and on a side note, I made Tiramisu in the middle of the night last night! Not very considerate of me, considering I’m not the most careful person around so the cling-clanging pretty much woke the whole house up. But the mascarpone was already at room temperature so I thought, might as well use it! Anyway it turned out pretty well, I think!

My lower half is aching from the alumni dance practice we had on Thursday. The way I walk is unglam enough as it is, now add an aching thigh muscle, and there you have, A DUCK.

Okay time for bed now. Enough rambling anyway.

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February 25, 2008 at 12:31 am

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Chef Pam

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Woohoo my dream of ever setting up my own bakery begins TOMORROW!

Hahaha okay I don’t think I’ll ever really set up a bakery, but yes, I’m going for a cooking class tomorrow! The class itself (at Palate Sensations) is inspired by the movie No Reservations. So I’m gonna be learning to make what Nick makes in the show:

Linguine with pomodoro & basilico

Handmade pizza



I hope I pick it up fast ‘cos I’ve been dying to learn how to make Tiramisu since like, goodness knows when.

If I manage to get it right I can bake for you guys!

I better bring a camera tomorrow and take many many pictures so I’ll remember what the steps are supposed to look like.

Hope everything goes well! If an article entitled ‘Palate Sensations Burns Down’ makes it to the headlines on Wednesday you’ll all know what went wrong. Hahaha k I’m kidding. Or at least I better be!

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February 18, 2008 at 10:42 pm

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Okay I have decided to revive this place, but only because Miss Arlana Tan who has just flown off to Melbourne asked me to!

You’d think I’d be a lot more free since well, A’s are over (thank goodness), but I’ve been staying up quite a lot more than I used to. Only now it’s cos I’m either watching Prison Break or The OC, or just kaypo-ing around on the Internet. Facebook, in other words.

I’m morphing into an Auntie. Or so my colleagues at work say. Everyone in HR at HSBC Private Bank is really nice though! So yeah, work’s pretty great, and time passes so incredibly fast at work. Wish school were like that too. (Not like there’s a point in complaining now.)

Let’s see, what else have I been up to? Most of the weekdays at work are spent finishing up what my fellow Aunties pile on me, or simply looking forward to the end of the day ‘cos that means meeting the girls or old friends for dinner.

I can’t believe it’s already February! Soon enough we’ll all be back in school, complaining about work and projects and what not.

Time passes so quickly. We’re so old!

This/last month was like Movie Marathon Month. (Wow, alliteration at work!) Let’s see what we watched:

The Kite Runner
27 Dresses
Ah Long Pte Ltd (Don’t ask me about that, it just seemed like the right thing to do during CNY.)
Away From Her

Kite Runner was incredible, 27 Dresses was hilarious. As for the others, I guess they weren’t really my kinda movies!

Hmm, so that’s that. Other than work I’ve been pretty busy in church, organising gatherings and catching up with my good ol’ oven. Today was Blueberry Muffins with Crumb Topping. I bought way too many blueberries so I’m probably gonna have to make more before the berries go mouldy.

Uh, let’s see if I can find pictures taken over the past few months.

Okay I’m way too lazy to wait for the pictures to upload and resize them.


That shall be all from me for now. I don’t even think anyone comes here anymore! But I’m gonna try and update as often as possible, for the sake of my two friends – Lana and POH CHOO! Haha take care Lana!

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February 16, 2008 at 10:40 pm

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