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Something is seriously wrong with me. For a long time this place was collecting dust. And now I seem to NEED to blog.

Pam ah, Pam.

But at least I finally got down to doing my NUS scholarship application. The deadline was about 20 minutes ago, and I clicked ‘Submit’ about an hour ago. Well done! I’m a good planner.

This week’s gonna be another crazy week. My colleague’s leaving me in the lurch and going off to Japan. Which means I need to do whatever she normally does. And that’s a whole lot! Plus there’s St Nicks’ Homecoming Run on Friday/Saturday (it’s a 24-hour thing) and they really need help.

So guys (or should I say GIRLS), if you get an sms from me begging you for help please have some pity and say yes!

What else is on this week?

Too lazy to think.

What else did I want to say?

OH. I finally got to nuah today! After sooooooo long! I finally got a Sunday afternoon to just lie on my bed and stare blankly at the ceiling, without a worry in the world! (Okay scrap that, I was supposed to be writing my personal statement. Haha!)

Felt SOOO good. My sister came in and saw me lying there (after our super super full lunch) and said, “Wah, you’re a pig lah.”



You know I love you!

Written by Pamela

March 24, 2008 at 12:25 am

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