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What Happens in Vegas?

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Havoc I say!

Go watch the movie. IT’S GOOD!

Never really been an Ashton Kutcher fan, Cameron Diaz is okay. She looks quite good in this show though!

Point is: WATCH IT! If you’re in dying need of a good laugh, this is IT man. Suat, Kaye and I were laughing so hard in the cinema today. Looong time since I last watched a smack-thigh funny movie like this one!

So yeah, we hung out in town today, mostly for good food and more laughter. And shopping, of course! But with good reason, I needed to get stuff for the trip.

We leave SUNDAY MORNING! I highly doubt I’ll be able to sleep on Saturday. But that’s supposed to work in our favour. Shuwei says we shouldn’t sleep on that night so we can sleep on the plane. It’ll be slightly past noon when we land in LA, so we should be recharged and ready to paint the town red once we get off the plane! Not sleeping also means:

1. I have more time to pack. (Knowing how last-minute I can be, that’ll definitely come in handy.)
2. The air stewards and stewardesses will have the honour of seeing our eyebags in full force. (Woohoo!)

There are so many nice shows coming up!

It’s only coming out on the 29th here. Maybe we can watch it in LA!

There’s also:

Which I haven’t watched even though it’s already showing. And today in the cinema they showed the trailer of:

Which (as seen above) was supposed to have been released a looooong time ago. Samaire Armstrong! (Shuwei, are you reading this!?)

And of course, how can anyone forget MADE OF HONOR. They pushed the release date back to 15 May though. Darn it!

On the bright side, being in US also means we get to watch…


I’ve officially been hooked. And no, it’s not ‘cos of Nate Archibald. (Okay, fine. Partly.) But hey the plot’s pretty exciting! Anyone’s bound to get hooked!

Okay if I don’t stop now WordPress is gonna crash from all the pictures I’m uploading!

You know you love me.


(Hahaha! What was that about? Go watch Gossip Girl and find out!)

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May 8, 2008 at 11:28 pm

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Decision making!

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(Lana and Zhi, this post is for you guys!)

I’ve never been a fan of making decisions, come to think of it. I’m always procrastinating and waiting till the very last minute before finally deciding. But this has to change!

So far there’ve been offers from NTU and SMU, really really wonderful offers. Tempting (and possibly everything I used to think I wanted) but something’s just holding me back! I’ve been very pensive of late, mostly ‘cos I can’t decide what it is I really want. It’s always nice to have options to choose from, I guess, but I’m really having a hard time deciding ‘cos I don’t want to pick something I’ll regret. I wish I had the gift of discernment!

So yeah, I’ve been praying very hard about this. There’s the scholarship interview with FASS on Tuesday. Guess I’ll see how that one goes and maybe decide from there. (See what I mean by waiting till the last minute?) I need direction in life man! I’m so clueless!

But I’ve come to realise how blessed I am. The ‘A’ Level results were big enough a blessing, not to mention a huge (but pleasant) surprise. Now God’s presenting me with so many possibilities – practically everything I’ve ever dreamed of – I don’t even think I deserve all this.

Ah well, uni issues aside, we’re flying off to LA on Sunday! Haven’t bought all the stuff we need (or think we need, at least) so this week’s the week to settle all that. Could’ve done it last week too, but I went back to work! Long story there, shall not bother repeating it, haha! (Actually it’s quite short and simple, but still I’m too lazy to type.) Uh and there’s driving which I really have to focus on this week ‘cos my test is only one week away from the day I come back from US!

I’m so gonna fail! And it’s Auto I’m learning. How embarrassing is that!

Can’t wait for the trip though. We leave Sunday morning… that’s less than a week from now! Anyone want anything from US? Or Hong Kong? We’ll be stopping over for a couple of days on our way back from LA!

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May 5, 2008 at 12:54 am

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