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Surprise, surprise!

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My two friends came to ‘surprise’ me in my room last night. I was just sitting in front of my computer (trying to study) when a stuffed toy came flying into my face.

Love those two!

Haha but honestly, thanks so much you two! For the lovely card that made me smile to myself, and the stuffed toy that I’m supposed to hug to sleep (and hear it sing to me). Lol!

But in all seriousness, thanks for being there you guys! I’ve no qualms about coming out of my (quotes Suat) “cocoon” with you two, and I really thank God for friends like you 🙂

Here’s to many more years of being VER-RITATING!

(Kaye you should be reading blogs like this… you know, blogs of people you actually know!)

Written by Pamela

September 2, 2008 at 11:34 am

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